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Tree Medics wants your trees to be as attractive and natural looking as can be. Before removing anything, we assess the tree considering all nearby structures, the safety and health and appearance. First, all parts of your tree should be clear of your home, driveway and utility lines. We then evaluate the framework of the tree and remove dead or unsafe limbs. Crown thinning may be necessary for the tree to better withstand heavy storm winds. Tree Medics makes your trees more beautiful not only by using scientific measures, but by relying on the artistic skills of our talented arborists.

Tree Medics performs all work without leaving a mess or damage to your property.

Do your trees need trimming?
Are your trees growing too close to your home?
Are your trees obstructing the view of your home?
Do your trees have dead limbs?
Do you have algae on your home or driveway?
Is your grass dying around your tree?
Are you afraid that your tree will be a hazard in severe weather?
Are you unhappy with your tree's appearance?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, contact us for a free tree service estimate, or learn more about tree and shrub pruning on the Bartlett Tree Experts web site. Let Tree Medics analyze your tree and suggest a treatment schedule that will prolong the life of your tree, reduce the hazard and minimize the cost of caring for your tree.

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